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Project-based silos and administrative Venus - 1998 - 1999 - 2000

Venus in favor of the company Inter National.

The work carried out details:

  •      Electric Works :

    Dig up the buried power cable tracks in ordinary soil and rock and asphalt.
D Pipe and main cables feeding of the company in accordance with the technical specifications and standard.
Turanchat bridge and restore the soil to be in and that the main 10-kilometer ten kilometers.
Design and implementation of nutrition network of poles for the project.
Supply and installation of utility poles, up 10 ten meters armchair.
The work of the assembly and the necessary slots to detect in the columns to prevent leaks, water and dust insulation.

  •     Fire-fighting network works:

    Supply and installation of fire water tanks.
Supply and installation of fire pipelines network.
Supply and installation of fire pumps network.
Supply and installation of automatic fire alarm system consisting of:

Smoke - findings temperature sensors - the main control board - cable network

  •     Civil works :

    Supply and installation of the semi-drain rain water around the project site.
Design and implementation of concrete rules and Jawaat needed to lamp posts and fences.
Implementation of wells and septic tanks needed for the sewage network and septic tanks.
The implementation of the interior finishes and external administrative buildings for the project.

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